Sokrates and I 
My name is Christopher.
4 years ago when I was 20, short haired and often wearing light blue shirts, I sailed to Aarhus in my first little new bought 1930 wooden boat “Tulle”.
I didn’t know Aarhus, didn’t know wooden boats, didn’t know myself well enough, but I was admitted to “business economy” at the university, therefore I went.

Besides my everlasting hunger for adventure, I bought Tulle with the intention of having, a colored hobby with practical todos, 
now that I wasn’t going to live on the countryside and the fact of a grey theoretical study ahead!

After 1 year onboard, I realized the study wasn’t for me. 
Also I realized that Tulle wasn’t the boat I wanted to develop within. 
– To my luck, Sokrates’ and the former owner, knew that Sokrates needed new passionated engagement!

So  here we are, 3 years, a finished exam in entrepreneurship, a sailing Café and many experiences later!
Today wooden ships is pretty much all I do – and I love it!



The boat and the philosopher
Sokrates is a former fishingvessel (snurrevodskutter med dam) build at Chr. Hansens Shipyard, Bønnerup Strand in 1930. 
Until late 1970’s is was active fishing at danish waters. 
The hull measures about 39 feet, or LOA 14 meters.
It is rigged as a traditional gaf ketch on greenland manners and can be sailed singlehanded, but fits fine 5 pers. sleeping on tour.
The engine and heart is a 6 cylinder Ford Mermaid 125hp.

All this above makes Sokrates a explorer of many matters, as he said – The unexamined life is not worth living. Sokrates.



 WHAT IS #Kutterlife?

#Kutterlife is a lifestyle driven by different Sea nomads, with their wooden boats! 
Café Sokrates is my attempt to share a bit of my own everyday lifestyle. 

I do that with my ship, stories and whatever I have to offer!

You can get sea-born satisfaction accompanied by well chosen coffee, tea, icecream, lemonades or just a postcard.
Location is mostly variated which is a attempt for experience of the many facets of the concept.
When open – location will be shown at Socialmedia – if you’re not just gonna find us out there 😉